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We have 3 small lots, two of which are locked during the school day and on weekends.  We call them our Upper, Main, and Teacher lots.  The Main lot is the only one that is always open.  Most of the spaces in these lots are used by our admin, faculty, staff, and other district personnel.  We do not have any spots set aside just for parents and/or visitors, so you will need to abide by the following guidelines.
  • We have 1 spot reserved for handicapped access in our main lot. This spot should not be blocked nor used for parent/visitor parking unless displaying a handicapped placard.
  • Our main lot includes our bus lane – the traffic lane our buses use between the 2 driveways – this lane must be open and not blocked during the morning drop-off (7:30a-8:10a) and afternoon pick-up (M, W, Th, F: 2p-3p; Tu: 1:10p-2:10p) times.
  • Cars parked in the main lot often get blocked in due to double and triple parking.
  • If you park blocking another car(s), please leave a visible note on your dash letting us know who you are and where we can find you on campus and be prepared to move your car promptly if needed.
  • The upper lot is used as a pull through during drop-off and pick-up times. Enter the lot from the upper gate and exit through the lower gate, turning right to go down the hill.  There will be school staff member(s) and parent volunteer(s) to aide in this process.
  • Legal Street Parking spots located on:
    • Downhill side of Lookout Mountain above the school
    • Downhill side of Laurel Pass above 2525 Laurel Pass
    • Both sides of Allenwood
  • NO Legal Street Parking on:
    • Either side of Wonderland Avenue
    • Either side of Horseshoe Canyon Rd or E. Horseshoe Canyon Rd
  • Cut-out in sidewalk on the Lookout Mountain side of the campus is used for our drop-off and pick-up areas. Parking is not allowed there during those times, but is available during the day, prior to 1pm.
  • There are no U-Turns allowed near the school on Lookout Mountain. If you use the cut-out and need to return down the hill, proceed up Lookout Mountain to the first cross street to legally and safely turn around.
Parking is notoriously hard at our school, no question about it.  So, make sure to give yourself enough time to find appropriate legal parking whenever coming to Wonderland.  We must always be mindful and respectful of our neighbors.  Thank you for adhering to these guidelines.