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Student Council

Wonderland’s student council provides opportunities to learn about the democratic process, leadership and philanthropy. Based on our representative system, each classroom elect class reps who communicate the work of the council and their class’ concerns and interests.  Each year the student council selects charities to support with student-led fundraisers such as Grateful Grams and Valentine Grams. The student council also organizes events such as Backpack & Lunchbox drives, Coyotes Who Care Week, Green Week, and Walk 2 School Wednesdays.  At the end of each year, fourth graders run for officer positions and serve a one year term during fifth grade.  Working under the guidance of a parent volunteer and faculty member, our student council enhances school spirit while enriching social and academic development.
With the guidance of the Student Council and the Safety Committee, Wonderland students have written a Peace Pledge. The pledge, which is recited by all students during morning announcements, reflects the values and characteristics Wonderland students stand behind.